Once Upon a Time there was a young girl called Vicky who dreamt of living in France and marrying a Frenchman!  So she studied French at school, fell in love with Fabien on a school exchange trip when she was 14, and was devastated when she lost the gold (coloured) heart necklace he gave her, only a few weeks later.  Sadly their long distance love didn’t survive the loss of the necklace, but Vicky’s love for France never waivered.

15 years later Vicky met Bill – not a Frenchman but a proud Scotsman. The only thing Bill and Fabien had in common was that they could both roll their “Rs”. Vicky had already booked a holiday to France when they met and sadly Bill was unable to join her as he was unable to take the time off work, so she went alone. On her return, Bill proposed and their joint dream of one day moving to France together was born and the planning began all those years ago.

The following years saw many family holidays in different parts of France until, in 2000, we had a holiday in a gite in Poitou Charentes. This was our first visit to the area and we fell in love with it. We knew we couldn’t move over permanently for a few more years, so we decided to do the next best thing and buy a holiday home here.

We loved our holidays in France. The pace of life, the countryside, sitting on the terrace in the evenings with a glass or two of wine, or a cold lager. Playing board games whilst the sun went down, and listening to the crickets and watching the bats.  And during the days, visiting markets for fresh ingredients to prepare our meals, or eating freshly baked bread and home grown tomatoes and a lump of brie for lunch, finished off with half a Charentais melon pooled with the local aperitif, Pineau des Charentes. Bliss.  

In 2010, we were ready to start plans for our permanent move to France. We knew we wanted somewhere with gites so that we could share what we love about France with others and provide our guests with a wonderful holiday they would remember for a long time.


By this time,Bill had retired from the Fire Service, the children were no longer at home, and Vicky had bought a clock to go in our new home whenever we found it! Which didn’t take long at all.  As soon as we drove through the gates, and arrived at this small piece of heaven,  we knew this was meant to be our home.  The only problem was we had to hope that Le Tilleul was still for sale when we eventually sold our UK house. It was .... so Le Tilleul Gites became ours in January 2012.

We know how lucky we are to live here. This is home. But it’s also a place we are happy to share with others and over the years we have welcomed lots of lovely people, many of whom return year after year, and many of whom have become friends.

Our guests can share the beauty of our countryside, the friendliness of our neighbours and the locals, the peace and tranquillity, the sunflowers and the sunsets ... and sunrises if they wake early enough but often they sleep so well, they don’t wake in time.

One of our beautiful sunsets

We have enjoyed welcoming guests and are delighted that they have felt the magic of Le Tilleul Gites and depart with such fond memories.  We appreciate the wonderful reviews we have received and are always delighted to welcome back past guests as well as look forward to meeting new ones who will be able to discover Le Tilleul Gites and our area for themselves for the very first time.

We are in the heart of sunflower country

We hope you will decide to join us and experience it all for yourselves!